Is a Degree in Cyber Security Worth It?

Does the idea of working on the front lines of cyber warfare appeal to you? Defending critical software applications and computer networks from the onslaught of hackers, scammers, foreign threats, and all manner of cyber criminals sound like an awesome job? Then you may just want to get a degree in cyber security. The world is changing and technology is at the forefront of these monumental shifts in the way we do business, share and exchange data, and keep our precious resources safe.

Computers run everything these days, everyone is connected to the world through the Internet, it’s a system rife with opportunities for crime and you can bet there are plenty of bad actors ready to take advantage of weaknesses in that system. That’s where you come in. Professionals working in cyber security are tasked with ensuring the operational integrity of complex networks for individuals and organizations alike, whether it’s a Fortune 500 company or the U.S. government. It’s a dangerous world out there and the bad guys are building better strategies for achieving their nefarious goals. It’s up to you to build a better mousetrap to keep that from happening.

If any of that sounds intriguing to you, then a degree in cyber security is worth it. But that’s just the beginning, there are plenty of other reasons why pursuing this degree can set you up for a lucrative and rewarding career path after you graduate.

High Demand

Taking a cyber security program can prepare you for a long career in this sector of information technology. Demand for trained professionals has never been higher, increasing over 90% over the past five years alone. As more companies and organization rely on electronic data, cyber security experts are needed more now than ever. Information is valuable in today’s world and it doesn’t matter if that information is medical records or trade secrets, it can’t fall into the wrong hands. But the amount of training you have can also affect which jobs you can get, those individuals with certifications and specializations on a resume typically go the front of the line with prospective employers.

Higher Salary Options

You can get paid very well if you work in cyber security, earning over 10% more than IT professionals in other sectors. A cyber security masters degree can open the doors to top level jobs and managerial positions that come with six-figure compensation packages. The right degree can get you into those jobs, giving you the skills to advance in a short period of time.

Get Your Degree

There are a number of programs you can choose from at Tufts University and getting that degree is important to companies who are hiring. A recent study showed that more than 80% of job postings in this field require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree to even get your foot in the door. A quarter of the organizations seeking applicants require a master’s degree. So if you want to gain access to this exciting world, a degree is your best bet.